CD UK Ltd. provides a wide range of demolition and decommissioning services for our clients including Dismantling, Asbestos Removal, Recycling, Bulk Evacuations, Site Remediation, Emergency Response and Aggregate. With efficiency and reliability as our highest interest.
  2. Established since 1963, we not only have a large number of returning clients but also a constant number of new relationships being started. Keep up to date with what we are doing with time lapses, photos and case studies.
  3. Our experienced and highly qualified teams have consistently delivered and impressed. Our relationships with clients are important to us and so we not only listen but also aim to constantly improve and adjust accordingly.




Health & Safety    

Health & Safety, Rules & Regs. 

Every project is inidivual in its risks, problems and suprises. At Capital we hold our employees, our clients and the publics safety as the fundamental core of every decision from planning to completion as we overcome these factors. 
We do not believe in idle commitment. We believe in planning every manouver before execution with solid fundamental principles driving us in maintaining our standards and our high levels of health, safety and environmental performance.
 To ensure our long standing safety record is continued, we continuiously review our company procedures by holding frequent site audits on our own employees and any sub-contractors.

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